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Julia Nagle first began work at the Serpentine Gallery on an exhibition of paintings by Ellsworth Kelly in 2006. Since then she has become the paintings conservator of choice. During this period she has worked on exhibitions at the Serpentine by Richard Prince, Jeff Koons, and Alex Katz amongst others. More recent exhibitions where she has been closely involved include Tomma Abts, Luchita Hurtado, Faith Ringgold, and Albert Oehlen. The primary focus of her work has been to examine the artworks on their arrival at the gallery and before their departure. In addition to this, we have also relied on her conservation skills to deal with inherent problems with some works restoring paintings to their original condition. She is a highly skilled practitioner, very thorough, measured and considered in her approach to dealing with problems. She has been incredibly good at responding rapidly to requests for her services at short notice. Since we first started working with her, she has developed her studio-based practice and has assembled a team who share the same set of high standards. Finally, it is always a great pleasure to work with her and I plan to continue doing so for many years.

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