Date completed : 30 November 2016 Duration : 100 Weeks
Graeme Gardiner

Using very hot water applied using a large brush, water is flooded onto the stained area, with blotting paper below to pull the water through the stain. The stain is released and absorbed into the blotting paper, which is changed regularly. When the stain is removed blotting paper is used to dry the treated area. 

To treat a damaged folio can take anywhere between five and 30 minutes, depending on it’s size and intensity. It is usually easier, and more successful, to remove a stain from the foredge of a book rather than in the gutter; access is more difficult here, and it’s is harder to remove the water.

Fresh stains are usually easier to treat than old ones, and it should be possible to completely remove a new water stain. 

Water stained areas before treatment
Folio after treatment

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