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We contacted Ines as a favourite oil painting of mine had a tear in the canvas, which I was keen to have repaired. The painting is of a man with a characterful face and it was painted by my great great aunt Zoe Inman around 1890. Ines was great. When we first met, she took me through the stages of repair and suggested a restoration of the painting at the same time to bring out the colours and remove grime of the last 100 years. We discussed and agreed the cost of the work. When we collected the painting a few weeks later I was thrilled. The painting has come alive with her work. Although I know where the tear was in the canvas, I really cannot see the repair. He is now back on the wall where he belongs, looking at us and us looking back at him! Ines demonstrated her professional knowledge and ability but she was also empathetic to the painting and the character she has restored. Thank you Ines.

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