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…Isabelle discovered some original artwork by the artist G. Mouton: these she mounted on special paper and encapsulated and placed a small postcard image on the outside so that the contents could be identified by the thumbnail image.

Finally, Isabelle produced a useful handlist detailing for each item its original pressmark, item number, title, and new location. Thanks to the high quality of the conservation and rehousing work done by Isabelle and her colleagues, the collection is now fit to be issued to readers. The posters are no longer folded but housed in melinex folders so that they can be viewed without being handled by readers.  Prior to treatment the items were so brittle that we did not even know what the collection contained. We have since displayed posters from the collection in two British Library exhibitions. I also wrote a blog about two US posters printed in Paris in anticipation of expected German invasion in September 1914: these were described as a ‘wonderful find’ by the official US historian. None of this would have been possible without the work done by Isabelle and her conservation colleagues.

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