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The Papal Bull was in poor condition due to being glued to a frame at some point in the last 125 years. Mr Aitken removed the Bull from the frame attached a new piece of parchment to support the document. The Bull has been mounted to keep it in the best possible condition.

As well as fulfilling all of the points above Mr Aitken kindly gave a talk to the museum volunteers and other interested member of the public on the conservation of Tain’s Papal Bull. Mr Aitken also gave advice on the storage of the Bull and suitable data recording device to check that conditions are correct to keep the Bull in good condition. Mr Aitken visited the museum to see where the Bull is being stored which certainly reassured the Museum Trust that all efforts were being made to preserve the Bull for the future. The Papal Bull is by far the most important artifact in Tain’s collection and it’s preservation means a lot to the people of Tain. We are very grateful to Mr Aitken for both his work in conserving the Bull and his advice as to the correct storage required.

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