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We have used Bridget for several projects since she became independent. One particularly challenging project is a donor-funded, high-specification conservation of a volume of 16th century inventories which was bound in a vellum wallet-with-tab-and-slit style cover. The cover has shrunk and the volume needed rebinding. A lot of thought has been done on how much to preserve the look and feel of the original, given that the tab fixing is prone to change shape as the environmental conditions change. Of course, we will retain the original cover but Bridget has suggested some measures that will best serve the object while also retaining its ancient character. Both in her administrative capacity and as an independent conservator I have found her to be eminently qualified, efficient, responsive, communicative, imaginative and accommodating. The quality of her work is highest-rate, and as far as I can tell she adheres to Best Practice in reversibility, documentation and transparency. She spends as much time as is required discussing the options with us in advance, listens to our concerns, the intended us and needs of the document, and our budget, when she proposes treatments. If, during conservation, she finds that the proposed treatment is not appropriate after all, she contacts us to discuss revisions. She always provides reports including ‘before and after’ photos that are hugely useful for our own records. She often undertakes our donor-funded conservation work and we are proud to share the reports with the donors. Bridget Warrington is a knowledgeable, skilled, well-informed conservator who skilfully achieves, as far as I can tell, modern conservation best practice.

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