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In addition to long standing conservation services and support for our collection care in general,  Jane Foley responded to our efforts to assess the future for our collection and pursuit of conservation grants in the development of a proposal for an holistic survey of the entire collection and overall conservation plan for my institution. She included plans for condition assessment, of our object care practices and storage conditions. If this survey were to be implemented, it would enable conclusions about where deficiencies lie in our exhibition and storage practices and environment. The proposal was extremely clear and thorough in laying out how the data would be collected and evaluated, so that recommendations could be made for all aspects our collection management program. Although at present we are not able to prioritise a collection survey, should that change Jane’s proposal will help us reconfigure our approach to a study of the collection by providing a more targeted approach that would address a percentage of our collection on an annual basis, with the goal of directing more grant funding towards the treatment of specific objects.
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