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To whom it may concern

I was Isabelle Egan’s Manager at the British Library for two years.

I confirm that Isabelle could offer a conservation service of good standard in an efficient and professional manner. I’ve summered below two case studies as examples of her work and approach.

  1. Pothi OR15021,

Isabelle consulted with our Curators, and undertook thorough literature research on this object. Mostly the repairs were to the boards. Her conservation consisted and delivered professional and well executed repairs and matching of colour. Her approach was of minimal intervention while stabilising the object so there was also reinforcing of folds and consolidating of the friable pigment.  The object retained its characteristics, it is now stable. The project was executed to the estimated time and the curator and I were delighted with the results.

  1. Papyrus LXXXIII

Isabelle needed to removed backings, however I would like to mention the papyrus and its rehousing.  She consulted with the Curator and undertook literature research into the materials and consolation. She then discussed all these aspects with the British museum papyrus expert.  Next she studied the BL storage areas to consider the housing possibilities before designing and making samples for approval by the curator.  During this process she introduced the material Vivak to our department, she arranged Oddy testing of the Vivak, and, continued refining the housing after feedback from curatorial staff, this she disseminated to colleagues. This project demonstrated a good execution of a treatment to papyrus, which allows researchers to view both sides of Papyrus, and the housing is lighter, and has fewer H&S implications than glass. The object is less likely to be damaged.

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