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In my career as an art gallery curator, I worked for many years with Peter David’s practice and found his approach and contribution inspirational.

What Peter brought to our museum collection of ceramics and applied art objects was years of experience within the conservation profession.

Firstly, in terms of Peter’s personal qualities, he loves the objects with which he works, and enjoys sharing his knowledge, built up from over thirty years’ as a conservator. He is the ultimate professional, skillful, totally dependable, ethical, trustworthy and whilst he inspires confidence, he is very modest about his skills and is a delight to work with.

In terms of professional skills, Peter works with a range of applied arts, but is most widely known for his expertise in conserving ceramics of all kinds, across a range of cultures and historical periods, from Ancient Greek or Chinese porcelain through to eighteenth century English, Welsh or Continental ceramics, right up to the present day. In my experience, his dexterity and skills are of the highest order; he is also incredibly practical and always willing to help. Whether the treatment is straightforward or complex, Peter knows how to respond, and always sees the bigger picture, resolving any difficulties with good forward planning, whether in the short or long term.     

In managing a project, Peter is highly diligent in following professional procedures, discussing treatments in advance in close consultation with his client, maintaining detailed written and photographic records, producing surveys and treatment reports for his client and grant-funding organizations. Peter’s estimates are accurate, and his work is completed on time and on budget, making him very reliable. 

Finally, beyond his professional conservation skills, Peter has an incredible depth of specialist and curatorial knowledge about the history of ceramics and applied arts, gained from years of experience and understanding how objects are made and their historical context. He has visited major public collections worldwide and with his knowledge of museum standards, Peter is able to offer invaluable support, both technical and curatorial, for presenting displays of ceramics and applied art objects.  The breadth of his knowledge and his love of the objects mean that he is able to advise on the bigger picture for heritage collections – whether it may be the logistics of transport requirements or improving storage environments, carrying out surveys and conservation treatments for the care of objects, contributing to seminars or supporting displays across a range of disciplines.

In my professional experience, Peter’s sustained practice over many years, working with both public and private collections, demonstrates the quality of his approach and his professionalism, and why Peter is an award-winning conservator.  



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