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Amelia has been conducting paper conservation and condition checking for the William Morris Society for over 10 years, always working to the very highest standards.  There was a very good example of the skill and care she provides in the conservation and documentation that she undertook with May Morris’ watercolour Honeysuckle, prior to its touring the UK in 2019.  Honeysuckle’s paper was very distorted, with excessive previous repair work.  Amelia started with a detailed proposal for conservation that included microfading testing to establish its light sensitivity, and the work that she then carried out involved loosening the old repairs, realignment and humidification, as well as providing the specifications for a high-quality mount and frame.  This was all carefully documented in a detailed report, and we were delighted that she also provided a brief description of what she had done which we published in our 2019 Spring newsletter.  Amelia is a top-class conservator and it has been a great pleasure to work with her.


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