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I have known Susie Clark for over a decade, commissioning her to undertake a variety of projects in a professional capacity. She is a leading professional in the field of photographic conservation in the UK.

Susie undertook a wide range of commissions for the Henry Moore Institute (where I was Sculpture Archivist from 2008-2018). She was contracted to undertake conservation treatments, deliver condition assessment training and offer expert advice. Her work with the Institute’s Archive of Sculptors’ Papers has been pivotal in ensuring the long term care and preservation of photographic materials meet the highest of standards.

The National Science and Media Museum has a longstanding and highly successful history of working with Susie. She has undertaken surveys, condition reports and conservation commissions. Susie was lead conservator for the joint research project with the Getty Conservation Institute, identifying photographic processes. This was followed by the Niépce project to document all available information about these earliest photographs in the world.

Susie is an invaluable source of professional help and advice in all aspects of caring for and managing photographic materials. 

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