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Sussex Conservation Consortium Ltd was created in 2013 by myself and my business partner Ruth Stevens ACR to provide a comprehensive conservation service to libraries, archives, museums and institutions, as well as private collectors.

We specialise in the conservation of:

  • Books,  from illuminated manuscripts, and early printed works to pop-up children’s books and Penguin paperbacks. 
  • Archives, from early parchment deeds, their seals and frames though to 20th Century newsprint, as well as some of the more specialist areas such as architectural and engineering drawing reproductions and modern office reproductions.
  •  Prints from old woodcuts to modern film posters

We also offer a full preventive conservation service incorporating collection surveys, object and collection condition assessments and building, storage and environmental assessments. We also provide a full range of non-interventive preventive treatments including boxing, secondary housing, shelving, quality storage and display supports as well as a range of conservation Tool-Kits.


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