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I work out of a small studio that I share with Alexandra Kosinova ACR.  We have decades of experience at site work and take on small and large projects, locally and abroad.  

In the studio I work mostly on small easel paintings for private owners and institutions.  I also repair broken plaster and wooden sculptures such as busts and religious figures.  

The site work includes assessments and treatments of wall paintings, easel paintings, sculptures and most any painted historical surface.  I advise on collection care and install and maintain temperature and relative humidity data loggers; for an example, please see the details for Miss Lassie under Projects.  My training in Project Management means I do all the project management efficiently.

I do not charge for estimates if the client can bring the piece to my studio for assessment.  If the client agrees to go ahead I provide a written treatment proposal with options and costs.

Rates are £40 to £60 per hour.   Most extended treatments are charged at the lower rate and short term consulting at the higher.

I provide professional insurance that covers the value of the object while in the studio, public liability and professional indemnity.

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