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Gem Conservation Ltd was established in 2012, operating on projects across the UK, and Europe.

Most projects are site based, and we have facilities to conserve smaller objects in workshops at Northampton and Bedford. 

As well as practical conservation-restoration projects, we also have 30 years experience of detailed condition assessment reports, with a focus on understanding characteristics of decay mechanisms and their by-products, leading to outline proposals for different levels of  appropriate intervention and subsequent quotations. 

Assessments include environmental monitoring; porosity tests; peel-strength tests; bulk, intermediate and bound water in structures; IR Thermography scans; laser and photogrammetry scans; salt species, metal ion and ion concentration measurement and identification; cross-sections of layers/stratigraphy; pigments and binding mediums; mortars, hair, and fibres.  Whilst having polarised light microscopy, fluorescent and metallurgical microscopy, we also have longer term collaboration with several UK laboratories for carbon-dating, XRF, FT-IR, GC-MS, SEM, petrological thin sectional analysis.

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