Date completed : 17 December 2019 Duration : 12 Weeks
Ann-Marie Miller
Gardiner Poster - Kew Gards Before Treatment
Gardiner Kew Garden Poster - After
Gardiner Greenline Poster - Before
Gardiner Greenline Poster - After
Gardiner St. Albans Poster - Before
Gardiner St. Albans Poster - Before, Verso
The Conservation Treatment of 6 Clive Gardiner Original Poster Art Works for Goldsmiths University Library

The 6 posters were all colour-printed lithographs, on medium weight machine made paper, lined with a heavier cream machine paper, and then “mounted” onto either particle-board, chip-board or grey-board, from which they were becoming detached.  They had a high level of surface dirt, and both milldew and fluffy white mould, which was regarded as active.  The posters were cockling due to exposure to a damp environment, and had creased corners, occasional punctures in their surfaces and edge tears.  They were scratched and abraded.

The conservation treatment focused on the stabilisation of the posters, removal of mould damaged board, improvement of contrast and reduction of staining in the images with blotter washing, and lining with strong, light weight Japanese paper.  Great deliberation has been given to the lining of the posters, but this has drastically improved their overall stability and handling qualities making them more robust.  Advice has been given on the future display and rotation of the posters, and bespoke folders provided to protect them which is storage.

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