Date completed : 19 February 2019 Duration : 12 Weeks
Penny Caldwell


Previous repair to the neck of the vase, 10cms, head of one of the cherubs missing from one of the four handles. Clean and stabilize cracks around the figure of the cleric.


Work carried out

Clean with swabs, remove previous repairs, steam clean break edges, poultice cracks with Laponite and Japanese tissue.

Make a mould of missing cherub and throw a new neck out of clay. Fire, glaze and lustre glaze with copper lustre, bond new areas to original with Paraloid B72 and spots of gelled Fynebond, fill to match and retouch.

Spanish Lustreware vase
Ceramic porcelain replacement neck
New neck for Spanish Lustreware
New head to cherub to Lustreware vase

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