Date completed : 10 January 2024 Duration : 20 Weeks
Ann-Marie Miller

The original binding was causing significant damage to the letters, which had begun to suffer serious losses. The integral wax seals were frequently cracked and fragmented but it was hoped to continue the binding format as far as possible. The letters have been surface cleaned to remove loose dirt. Infills were make using western and Japanese papers. The letters have been supported on tailormade guarded support leaves, to protect the letters and hold them safely within the binding, with seal guards, placed on interleaves for their protection. The binding has been repaired using the highest quality materials. The treatment has been fully documented and copies recording the process are held by the property.

Binding as it arrived in the workshop
Front board and spine before treatment
Letters inside textblock
Resewn textblock
Front board and spine after treatment
Townend Browne Letter Volume 5, National Trust
Tail edge

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