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Date completed : 31 March 2020 Duration : 3 Months
Timothy Phelps

From c.1755: A pair of highly original, distinctive and finely detailed window seats from a North Yorkshire family estate
These unusual survivals (under numerous later covers) retain original upholstery profiles, support canvas and webbings, and original stuffings of grass and horsehair.
The main illustration shows one with all seat rails repaired and made sound and with a temporary calico cover incorporating all original stuffing retained and reused. The other is shown before later covers have been removed and before upholstery and rails repair works.
Minor losses to show wood edges of the blind fret legs have been tidied and repaired using carefully matched antique mahogany, reducing risk of further snagging damage and losses. The show wood was gently cleaned, and wax polished to complete treatment.
I have documented upholstery details as the later covers have been removed revealing the original layout.
These seats are now in another private collection, but the owner is pleased to have original profiles and materials retained and documented as an integral part of the appreciation of these rare survivals.

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