Date completed : 6 December 2023 Duration : 8 Weeks
Michael Rieveley

The project involved restoring and conserving the ceramic mosaic floor which is within the entrance and foyer of the Victoria Pavillion,  which was the grand theatre built in 1896/7 as part of the Morecambe Winter Gardens. This grade 2* listed building by architects Mangall and Littlewoods, is now all that remains of the Winter Gardens.  Earlier buildings, ballroom, bathing areas were demolished in 1982. The closure of the theatre and the other buildings occurring in 1977 as Morecambe, like many other seaside resorts, had lost out to the advent in the boom of package holidays abroad.

Whilst the majority of the floor remained intact there were considerable areas of damage and missing tesserae. Structural problems in  the subfloor, alterations within the foyer, neglect, misuse during its period of closure and the the wear and tear of the millions passing through this foyer to a theatre attracting large audiences and the finest performers, having all contributed to the damage. We reclaimed many original tesserae but due to significant loss it was necessary to produce replica ceramic tesserae that closely matched. 

Preparations had started in Sept 2021 culminating in the onsite work which took place during October November and December 2023.


Finished floor
the restored floor
Cleaning the mosaic to reveal its colour.
Part way through replacing missing tesserae
Mosaic Floor Morecambe Winter Gardens
Mosaic Floor Morecambe Winter Gardens
Mosaic Floor Morecambe Winter Gardens

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