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Date completed : 31 May 2020 Duration : 3 Months
Pieta Greaves

Either working on-site or providing support remotely I have provided both excavation support and conservation treatments (re-joining/stabilising ceramics, jade and wood objects).

Most recently I have worked on a Maya wall painting at a site called Tulix Mul, the wall painting is the only one to ever be found on the region. The surface was fragmentary and fragile, conservation was required to stabilise, clean and to revel as many details as possible. During the conservation assessment, incised and scratched graffiti was discovered in eleven locations across the mural, the graffiti was recorded with melanex tracings and mapped. This later led to a major discovery as one of the designs was identified as depicting a figure on a royal palanquin (a sedan chair) by a Maya graffiti specialist. Work on this site will continue in 2021 supported with a National Geographic grant. 

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