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Date completed : 31 July 2018 Duration : 16 Months
Matthew Beesley

Development of project Listed Building Consent and Faculty application. 

Quantitative assay on weathering by-products; ion concentration measurements of gilding and polychrome surfaces/substrates; subsequent cleaning methods: primarily dry cleaning, with localised isotonic gel poultices for sulphation deposit softening to gilding and surfaces. 

Analysis of pigments and binding mediums from ground layers to later interventions.

Tracing and documentation of alterations to painted lines and embossed scraffito lines.

Syringe application of 5g/L nano-lime solutions, followed by 125g/L nano-lime grouts; fine air lime mortar buttressing and repairs.

Gilding and repainting using light stable pigments bound in UV resistant stable binders.

Nano hydrophobic suspension applied for future preventative maintenance of primary areas subjected to water flow.

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