Date completed : 18 March 2024 Duration : 52 Weeks
Adrian Attwood

My teams initial onsite assessment from mezzanine level and at intermediate floor levels, was to identify a solution to the recording and careful removal of the mosaic artwork in a way that would not compromise the historic fabric or its structural integrity. It became apparent that the mosaic had been applied by Erbil to a reinforced concrete rubbish chute, that pre-existed, to the outside face of Tangmere House. The individual tesserae were glued to the concrete with cementitious grout. It quickly became clear the tesserae could not be individually removed intact nor could they be removed in sheets safely from the concrete substructure. As a solution DBR’s Conservation team considered a more radical approach of slicing the whole 20 metres high and 5 metres wide concrete shaft into 21 nr sections, each weighing 2.5 tonnes, and craning these concrete/mural sections to ground for salvage and conservation.

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