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Year Established: 1984 Description: I restore mainly paintings on canvas and wood from early Gothic period until early 20th century. I restore mostly European paintings (English, Italian, French, German; Dutch, Spanish, Russian). I restore as well icons: Greek and Russian. My experience is 36+ years. I worked 15 years for the Louvre and French Provincial Museums 1984-1999. In 1999 I moved to England. Since then I have been working privately for the Hamilton Kerr Institute (Cambridge), The National Trust, English Heritage, The Royal Collection, London art dealers and other private clients. I can do complete conservation treatments including varnish removal, minor canvas treatment, consolidation, puttying, retouching, and final varnishing. I do as well very minimal treatments to present a painting for sale, such as surface cleaning, consolidation, and varnishing. Works On Site: This practice is prepared to work on site. Delivery: A collection and delivery service is available. Additional charges are made for transportation of the painting. Charging policy: estimates are charged if it is only for a quote with tests. The cost of examination and tests are deducted from the final cost of the painting if the painting is taken in for conservation treatment. No charge is made for materials, it is included in the treatment apart  from the purchase of expensive items such as a new stretcher or unusual solvents and expensive canvas or pigments. The restoration of frames(gilded or not)can be done with one of our colleague and the frame is send back and reframed in my conservation studio if the owner of the painting wishes so.The total conservation/restoration of the painting, frame included can be organised from our studio so the client does not have to worry about the reframing of the painting. The frame conservator is a qualified museum conservator. 

  • ****ANALYSIS: during treatment some analysis may be necessary to complete and enlighten the understanding of the conservation work undertaken. Pigments analysis, UV, IR photos, X Rays can be provided when and if necessary.    

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