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I stabilise, repair and restore objects that have been damaged or simply degraded through time, on behalf of both institutions and private clients.

I have been running my own studio for five years. Prior to that, I have ten years’ experience of working for the British Library, working in the Large Format studio, which specialised in maps, parchment, manuscripts. I conserve and restore watercolours, gouaches, books, pamphlets, papyrus, birch bark, posters, prints, archives, albums, textile pattern albums, globes and fans and worked within a national institution for stewards of our national heritage, as well as private clients.¬† I have expertise in stabilising mould-affected artifacts and make bespoke housing for objects. I am also a contractor to Tate and National Portrait Gallery.

My practice is ethically grounded, and my approach is contextual and investigative. I try to always keep the history of the object, and respect all tangible and intangible aspects of the object. Objects are collected by museum and collectors whose museum or collectible meaning, over the years, might change; that is the reason why, as conservators, we have  to respect all of the aspects of the object.

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